Throughout the month of February 2023, thirty-one written or filmed reports relating to Israel and/or the Palestinians appeared on the BBC News website’s ‘Middle East’ page, some of which were also published on other pages and seven of which were carried over from the previous month.

(dates in brackets indicate the time period – Israel time – during which the item was available on the ‘Middle East’ page)

Ten items, including two carried over from the previous month, concerned terrorism and counter-terrorism operations:

Drone footage shows extent of damage after Jenin raid (26/1/23 to 6/2/23)

Jerusalem police chief on synagogue attack (27/1/23 to 30/1/23 and 2/2/23 to 6/2/23)

Palestinian gunmen killed in Israeli raid in Jericho Raffi Berg & Yolande Knell (6/2/23 to 8/2/23) discussed here

Jerusalem: Two Israelis killed in car ramming attack Raffi Berg (10/2/23 to 12/2/23) discussed here

Eleven Palestinians killed during Israeli raid in Nablus Tom Bateman & David Gritten (22/2/23 to 28/2/23) discussed here

Gaza-Israel exchange of fire follows deadly West Bank raid David Gritten (23/2/23 to 26/2/23) discussed here

Israel and Palestinians pledge to reduce violence Yolande Knell (27/2/23 to 1/3/23) discussed here

Hawara West Bank: ‘What happened was horrific and barbaric’ Tom Bateman (28/2/23 to 2/3/23) discussed here

Israeli-American killed in West Bank as unrest intensifies George Wright (28/2/23 to 3/3/23) discussed here

Why is Israel-Palestinian violence surging? Raffi Berg (28/2/23 to 3/3/23) discussed here

Two items related to alleged Israeli attacks in the region:

Iran blames Israel for Isfahan drone attack, warning of revenge Raffi Berg (2/2/23 to 5/2/23)

Five killed in Israeli strike on Damascus, Syria says Phelan Chatterjee (19/2/23 to 23/2/23) discussed here

Four reports, including two carried over from the previous month, concerned visits and statements by foreign envoys:

Antony Blinken in Jerusalem: Urgent steps needed for calm Raffi Berg (30/1/23 to 1/2/23) discussed here

Antony Blinken: Settlements hinder Israeli-Palestinian peace Raffi Berg (31/1/23 to 2/2/23) discussed here

Israel and the Palestinians: Blinken’s Jerusalem visit offers few solutions Tom Bateman (1/2/23 to 3/2/23) discussed here

UN envoy: Israel and Palestinian violence at critical point Tom Bateman (3/2/23 to 6/2/23) discussed here

Two items concerned Israel’s relations with African countries:

Chad to open embassy in Israel after resuming ties (Africa live page – faulty link) (2/2/23 to 4/2/23)

Israel says Sudan peace deal to be signed in Washington Raffi Berg (2/2/23 to 6/2/23) discussed here

Three reports concerned stories from other countries:

Kim Johnson: Labour MP apologises for calling Israeli government ‘fascist’ (1/2/23 to 3/2/23) discussed here

‘I escaped abusive jungle cult – then rescued my son’ Raffi Berg (4/2/23 to 7/2/23 and 10/2/23 to 17/2/23)

Israeli ex-spies hacked into phones in Kenya – report Ferdinand Omondi (16/2/23 to 17/2/23)

One report was about archaeology:

Decoding oldest known sentence written in first alphabet (20/2/23 to present)

One item carried over from January had a historical theme:

The Gaza family tending World War graves for 100 years Yolande Knell (25/1/23 to 27/1/23 and 31/1/23 to 9/2/23) discussed here

One report carried over from the previous month concerned Palestinian affairs:

Gaza’s only all-girl boxing club finds a home (26/1/23 to 6/2/23)

Of seven reports concerning Israeli affairs, three – including one carried over from January – concerned protests against the government:

Thousands of Israelis hold legal reforms protest in Tel Aviv (17/1/23 to 1/2/23) previously in ‘updates’ section 14/1/23 to 16/1 23)

Israel protests: Tens of thousands in anti-government rally (5/2/23 to 7/2/23)

Israel judicial reform plans draw mass protests outside parliament Yolande Knell & Raffi Berg (13/2/23 to 14/2/23)

Three items related to government and parliamentary activity:

Israel legalises nine West Bank settlement outposts Thomas Mackintosh (13/2/23 to 14/2/23) discussed here

Israel passes law to revoke Israeli Arab attackers’ citizenship Yolande Knell (15/2/23 to 17/2/23) discussed here

Israel declares temporary pause on new West Bank settlements Yolande Knell (20/2/23 to 27/2/23) discussed here

One report concerned a military legal case:

Israeli soldier jailed for assaulting Palestinian activist in Hebron Yolande Knell (14/2/23 to 16/2/23)

In addition – not included in our count – five items appeared in the ‘updates’ section underneath the ‘Middle East’ page but not on the page itself:

Israeli diplomat escorted from AU summit (18/2/23) discussed here

BFM journalist Rachid M’Barki suspended in scandal linked to disinformation firm Hugh Schofield (19/2/23)

Settlers rampage in West Bank villages after Israelis killed David Gritten (27/2/23) discussed here

West Bank town set alight by settlers after Israelis killed (27/2/23) discussed here

BBC audiences saw no new reporting on internal Palestinian affairs during February and so they were not informed about protests against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, a demonstration by teachers, a ban on a press conference calling for elections or the arrest of a lawyer.

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