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1) UN Watch provides a report on incitement to hate and violence in UNRWA schools.

“The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) claims that its schools teach Palestinian children about peace, tolerance and human rights. This joint report by United Nations Watch (UN Watch) and The Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (IMPACT-se) shows that the opposite is true.

In 100 pages of evidence exposing abuses by UNRWA teachers and schools, this report reveals compelling evidence of UNRWA’s gross and systematic violations of neutrality and other UN rules in their hiring of teachers and in their use of curricula inside UNRWA schools that constitute incitement to hatred, antisemitism and terrorism.”

2) At WINEP, Matthew Levitt discusses the implications of the recent roadside bombing at Megiddo Junction.

“Earlier this month, a terrorist operative infiltrated Israel from Lebanon, crossing the UN-demarcated Blue Line and evading border patrols and remote detection systems. After traveling sixty kilometers south to the Megiddo junction, he planted a sophisticated improvised explosive device of a type typically used by Hezbollah, which seriously wounded an Arab Israeli citizen upon detonating. He then hitched a ride from a passing car while security forces led a manhunt. When authorities stopped the car near the border town of Yaara, the driver exited the vehicle but the terrorist refused. Armed with an explosive belt and other weapons, he was soon shot dead. […]

…the incident is just the latest in a long series of escalating Hezbollah efforts to change the understandings and red lines that govern its conflict with Israel.”

3) NGO Monitor reports on ‘The Role of NGOs in Supporting the International Court of Justice Case Targeting Israel’.

“…the NGOs discussed below have been a central part of the Palestinian campaign to exploit international institutions and legal bodies to “internationalize” its conflict with Israel. This network of European-funded NGOs have also been campaigning to advance the prosecution of Israeli officials at the ICC and in some cases have received EU and European-government explicitly for this objective.  This report examines the role of Palestinian, Israeli and European NGOs in the latest effort to use the ICJ to advance this form of political warfare.” 

4) At the Long War Journal, Joe Truzman looks at ‘Popular Resistance Committees Attempts To Establish a Foothold in the West Bank’.

“It’s unclear to what extent the PRC has established itself in the West Bank. Open-source evidence shows the group appears to be active in Jenin where fighters have participated in meetings with established militant organizations such as Palestinian Islamic Jihad and al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades.

The PRC’s official media channels have yet to claim they have established a formation in the West Bank. For now, online channels claiming affiliation with the PRC’s Jenin branch publish evidence of the group’s activity. Despite official channels not mentioning its alleged activities in the West Bank, evidence is mounting that they are active.”

Wishing Ramadan Kareem to all our readers marking the month of Ramadan.  

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