Jerusalem Post corrects report about the BBC

On April 23rd the Jerusalem Post published a report titled ‘Israeli MK bashes BBC coverage of settlements, terrorism in letter’ in which readers were originally informed that “The BBC launched an investigation into its coverage of Israel”. The report continued:

“In November, the BBC apologized for its anti-Israel bias in its reporting, and a month later, the corporation launched an investigation into its reporting on Jews and Israel.

The investigation came after the British paper The Jewish Chronicle started a petition for the BBC to launch a probe into its impartiality.

The British government also criticized the BBC’s coverage of antisemitic affairs after the network reported that a group of Jews who were attacked in London were calling out anti-Muslim slurs to the attackers. This was later proven to be untrue.”

CAMERA contacted the Jerusalem Post, pointing out that the BBC has not launched an investigation into its coverage of Israel. Following the Jewish Chronicle’s petition, a cross-party group of members of the two houses of the UK parliament – rather than the BBC – launched a panel of inquiry as reported by that paper at the time.

With regard to the claim in the final paragraph we pointed out that it was OFCOM, the UK’s communications regulator – not the “British government” – which criticised the BBC’s coverage of the Oxford Street incident. While OFCOM is a government-approved body, it is not “the British government,” as stated.

Shortly after receiving our communication, the Jerusalem Post amended its report.

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