Channel 4 News corrects false claim about Rafah crossing closure

On June 18th, we alerted Channel 4 News foreign correspondent Secunder Karmani that his report which aired the previous day (“Israel Hamas war: the sick and desperate children stuck in Gaza”, June 17) included a clear error.

In service of the report’s broader, and grossly misleading, narrative alleging starvation in the Strip, the presenter told viewers that the Rafah humanitarian aid Crossing has been closed by Israel.  You can hear the allegation at 2:32 into the report (You can see video by clicking here. WARNING. The video’s images of an emaciated girl are disturbing.)

As we’ve noted previously, Egypt, which of course controls their side of the humanitarian aid crossing, is the one who closed the crossing point in protest of the IDF taking control of the Gaza side of the crossing. Here’s our X post to the journalist.

Shortly after our post, we noticed that the embedded YouTube video was removed from the Channel 4 News report in question, and a new video of a now updated report was uploaded onto their YouTube page. The false claim was corrected, as you can see at 2:33 into the new video.

However, the old video with the false claim is still on Channel 4 News’s Facebook page, and has garnered thousands of views.  We’ve complained to the outlet’s editors, asking for that video to similarly be removed.

Tomorrow, we’ll explore the other incendiary, false and highly questionable claims made in the report

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