The BBC busted with terrorist supporters, AGAIN.

Written by David Collier

Abed Abubaker is a terrorist supporter. He publicly celebrates the murder of Jews and justifies the slaughter of civilians. His immediate family supports terrorism. His cousin is an Islamic Jihad terrorist. Abed’s best friend’s father was a Hamas enforcer. How did the BBC fawn over him and give him so much unchallenged airtime on at least four separate occassions?

So here is a legitimate question: How many times can the BBC produce fake news or be caught platforming terrorist supporters before it justifiably gets labelled as a Hamas propaganda website?

I have been doing what I can to highlight the most egregious examples my research uncovered – all that so one day – the BBC journalists and executives responsible for the catastrophic collapse of BBC standards and integrity – will finally be held to account for the tsunami of antisemitism they have helped to unleash.

Exhibit A was an entirely fabricated story about Gazan footballers – lies that were provided to the BBC by a terrorist supporting journalist that helped write the article.

Exhibit B was about how the BBC got caught pretending a child with severe underlying illnesses was healthy before October 7.

This latest example is exhibit C.

The non news story

Last November, BBC News ran a ‘non-news story‘ about a 14-year-old football supporter from Gaza who had his photo placed at Anfield stadium by Liverpool fans in a gesture of solidarity. The bridge had been built by his elder brother – Abubaker Abed – a young football commentator / journalist who lives in Deir al Balah in the Gaza Strip.

It was a non-story because there is no substance to it, and it typifies the Palestinian propaganda cause. It was a meaningless and blatant stunt put together between a propagandist in Gaza and an anti-Israel activist in Liverpool. You might expect to see the story being told in a student journal somewhere, or in a Facebook post. You wouldn’t expect to see it anywhere near the BBC website. But this is what activist journalists have reduced the BBC to.

The BBC’s new expert

The propaganda stunt in early November introduced Abubaker Abed to the BBC – and it soon became apparent BBC journalists had him on speed dial. I found four separate BBC News interviews with him spread between November and February:

abubbaker abed on the BBC

During these interviews:

  • 24/11/2023 Five unchallenged minutes in which he describes massacres, atrocities, soldiers shooting civilians, and babies dying from a lack of food.
  • 1/12/2023 Over six unchallenged minutes in which he is free to talk about ‘Israeli occupation forces’, massacres, atrocities and pushing lies about aid.
  • 11/01/24 Seven unchallenged minutes in which he spreads stories about lack of aid, water, ongoing massacres of civilians and how they are reduced to eating bird food.
  • 08/02/2024 Seven more unchallenged minutes in which he can say whatever he likes to the BBC audience without fear of contradiction.

During the interviews the BBC journalists repeatedly state how important it is to hear voices like Abubaker’s – so as to tell viewers what Gazans are really living with.

Abubaker Abed and his heroes

It is time to meet the real Abubaker Abed – the person that the BBC gave unchallenged time to again and again. On January 27 2023, a Palestinian terrorist Khairi Alqam slaughtered seven Israeli civilians outside a synagogue in Jerusalem. This is Abukaber Abed celebrating the murderous attack – and calling the terrorist a ‘hero’:


Abubaker Abed supported the Oct 7 atrocities

There is little doubt about how he received the news of the Hamas attack on October 7:

Abubaker Abed praising Oct 7

And this ‘journalist’ that the BBC relies on and trusts – publicly supported and justified the killing of Israeli civilians. In this post he even suggests that criticising the slaughter of Israeli civilians is an unsupportable position:

The upside down world of the BBC

Led by anti-Israel activists within the organisation, the entire starting point of BBC coverage of Gaza is upside-down. There are things we know as facts about life in Gaza – that Hamas has an iron grip of Gaza – that Hamas has infiltrated every institution – and that every person of note in the Strip is tied to an important clan – one that must be affiliated to a leading ideological group (Hamas, PFLP, Islamic Jihad etc). People do not just ‘appear’ in Gaza – success in Gaza is rooted almost entirely in nepotism.

The starting point for ANY contact with Gaza should be one of suspicion. It took me just a few minutes to find Abubaker’s X account (it is in his name) and to realise he is a supporter of terrorism and murdering civilians. Which means that the BBC is not bothering to do any background checks whatsoever before giving these terrorist supporters a platform. This is just inexcusable.

The BBC also approaches its coverage in the belief that there are a handful of Hamas supporters and everyone else in Gaza is innocent. This is an inversion of the truth and sticking with the fallacy inevitably leads to errors.  As an example, we can show that Abubaker Abed is totally surrounded by support for terrorism.

Abubaker Abed and his terrorist loving family

Finding Abed’s family was somewhat harder than usual because Abed does not have an account on Facebook, but I got there in the end. These posts are from his father Wasim, his brother Mohammed and his sister Safa.

  • His father Wisam (on October 7) is quoting the ‘kill them wherever you find them’ Quranic verse (Quran 2:191).
  • His brother Mohammed posted a similarly violent verse (Quran 9:14) on January 27 2023 as seven Jews lay murdered outside a synagogue.
  • His sister Safa is singing praises to Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the spiritual leader of Hamas.

Abubaker Abed family

His cousin – the prisoner

In May 2023, Abubaker Abed posted about the release of a prisoner named Ammar Abed from an Israel jail. At the time he forgot to tell us that this was his cousin. Abubaker’s report talks about this ‘hero’ and all the ‘excited people’ waiting for him. He also tells us that Ammar was only arrested for ‘defending his land’. What he does not tell us is that Ammar was an Islamic Jihad terrorist and the real images from the ‘welcome’ were very different from the ones shown in Abed’s whitewashing report:-

Here is his cousin driving through the city on his release. He is the one carrying the gun and wearing the Islamic Jihad headband:

The death of his best friend

Abubaker likes to engage football clubs in his propaganda. It is what led to the first BBC article about his younger brother and Liverpool FC. In December he tried it again, – tagging Liverpool FC, and telling everyone that his best friend Alhassan Mattar had been killed in a targeted strike. I went looking for him and sure enough – Al Hassan had previously posted religious celebrations as innocent Jews were killed in terrorist attacks.

But his father is also important in this story. The probable target of the strike Waem Mattar, was a colonel in the local Hamas police force – and later became Director of the ‘Community Police’. He is a person of note. These people are the Hamas sharia enforcers. Here is Waem Mattar (circled) receiving an award from Muhammad al-Dariwi, the vice president of the Supreme Court (left) and the Head of the Supreme Judicial Council, Abdel Raouf Al-Halabi (second left):

And look at this post. Just a few hours before the Hamas attack. At 21:30 on October 6th what exactly was Waem Matter referring to when he posted about submitting to God’s destiny?

These people are not nobodies. Nor is Abubaker Abed. He is clearly a trained propaganda agent for the well-oiled Hamas machinery. Abukaber supports terrorism – his family supports terrorism – his cousin is a terrorist – his best friend supports terrorism – and his best friend’s father was a key Hamas enforcer. How on earth did someone like this end up getting so many unchallenged minutes – time after time – on BBC News?

The BBC is ignoring its own rule book. It is platforming terrorist supporters and allowing them to spread Hamas propaganda unchallenged. The BBC is completely failing the very public it is meant to serve.

It is well past the time that the BBC is held to account.

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