Hey Brian…have I got someone for you

Brian Whitaker, commissioning editor, of “Comment is Free” is always on the lookout for new talent especially writers that are “fair and balanced” and who can provide new perspectives on the Israel/Palestine conflict, so in the interest of furthering this goal here’s a hearty recommendation:

Bob Marshall-Andrews, QC

He ticks all the right boxes: he’s high profile (he’s a Labor party MP for Medway), he’s just come back from a trip to Gaza with Gerald Kaufman, he characterizes Israel as a “pariah state”, he uses all the right catchphrases to describe Israeli actions (slaughter, mass starvation, war crimes), he’s a big fan of Goldstone, he is dismissive of the antisemitism  in the Hamas Charter, makes Nazi analogies and best of all he believes that Israel is the worst perpetrator of “genocidal repression” in the world today “worse than the Sudan, worse than the Congo, worse than Burma – a large claim but true”.
Sounds like a perfect candidate to me.
To learn more about what he stands for, click here, here and here. Of course, if you want to get the perspective of those pesky Zionists you can click here (so you can know in advance what they’ll write about on the “other site” and “below the line”).
Bob can be emailed at marshallandrewsr@parliament.uk. Good luck!

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