The Guardian sucks because……competition. Enter for a chance to win $50!

We’re trying something new at CiF Watch: we’re running our first competition.

Over the next week,  tell us why the Guardian sucks in 140 characters or less.

Entries must begin with the words “The Guardian sucks because” and can be posted either in the comments sections of this post, or by tweeting your reply @cifwatch in Twitter using the hashtag #cwcomp. If you’re minded to do so, tweet your answer also to chief editor of the Guardian, Alan Rusbridger, @arusbridger.

The best entry as selected by the CiF Watch judges wins a whopping $50 gift card.

Yes, I know.  This is really unfair, but – given the limits of Twitter – not only are we asking that you kindly reduce your litany of complaints about the Guardian to just one answer, we’ve also got the gall to require that you limit your response further to no more than a miserly 140 characters.

While we’re a comparatively small organization, and the winning entry will only net you a $50 gift card (and, no, we didn’t accidentally omit another zero in that sum), think of how good you’ll feel getting out all of that frustration – the groans, gasps, and grumbles elicited by even a casual glance at the Guardian – and knowing that your thoughts will be on record, prompted by the site which, day after day, truly speaks truth to power.

(h/t to Chas for the inspiration)

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