Postcard from Israel – Mitzpe Ramon

Some eighty kilometres south of Be’er Sheva, in the heart of the Negev Desert and perched high up on the edge of the Ramon Crater, lies the small town of Mitzpe Ramon – established in 1951. Like the desert surrounding it, there is much more to Mitzpe Ramon than may first meet the eye. 

The unique geographical and geological characteristics of the 500 metre deep and 40 kilometre long Ramon Crater attract both outdoor enthusiasts and those just seeking to ‘get away from it all‘.

With most desert wildlife being nocturnal, a visit to Bio Ramon provides the opportunity to ‘meet the locals’ – including porcupines, snakes, lizards and gerbils – and learn how they survive in such a harsh environment. Other surprises nearby include an alpaca farm and Israel’s southernmost vineyards where Merlot and other varieties of grape thrive, incongruously surrounded by rocky desert. 

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