BBC still using out of date Hizballah profile

On September 12th an article titled “Bulgaria Burgas bus bomb accused face trial in absentia” appeared on the Middle East and Europe pages of the BBC News website. 

Burgas trial 1

The report euphemistically describes Hizballah as merely a “Shia group” and perpetuates the myth of a separate ‘armed wing’ to the terrorist organization.

“The suspects are said to be members of the armed wing of the Shia group Hezbollah, which denies any involvement.”

But perhaps BBC audiences are provided with more comprehensive and accurate information about the organization to which those accused of aiding and abetting the Burgas bombing allegedly belong in the links provided under the heading ‘related links’? Well, no. 

Those links include some of the BBC’s prior articles on the subject of the Burgas terror attack – which for the most part describe Hizballah in equally euphemistic terms – as well as a link entitled “Who are Hezbollah?”

Burgas trial 2

That link leads to an article dated July 4th 2010 which we have frequently criticized here as being long out of date. However – as noted at the end of July – the BBC has produced a better, updated profile of Hizballah under the same title which it published on July 22nd.

So why is that article not being presented to BBC audiences as background information instead of the one which is over three years out of date? 

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