BBC priorities: missile fire not newsworthy but drone crash is

As we have all too frequently had to note on these pages, the BBC’s coverage of terror attacks against Israeli civilians by means of missiles launched from the Gaza Strip can at best be described as patchy and inconsistent. 

It seems that, despite its well-staffed Jerusalem Bureau, the BBC is just not interested in bringing the story of repeated incidents – and the constant threat – of missile fire on hundreds of thousands of Israeli civilians living in proximity to the border with the Gaza Strip. Six such attacks during the past month were completely ignored by the BBC (see related articles below), as were previous ones in September, August and July.

However, when a 7.5 kilo drone crashed just inside the Gaza Strip due to a technical malfunction in the early afternoon of November 3rd, a BBC report (promoting unsubstantiated Hamas propaganda) was quick to follow.

drone article

Those are strange priorities by any standards.  

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