The Tripod: CAMERA Links in 3 Languages – December 19th-31st edition

Crude stereotyping of ‘expansionist’ Israelis in BBC 3 comedy show
BBC guidelines permit national stereotyping “for comic effect” if there are “audience expectations”, but does BBC coverage of Israel in fact create such expectations? (BBC Watch) Tripod logo

BBC’s Knell amplifies UNRWA’s political campaigning on R4′s ‘The World Tonight’
BBC reports on the recent flooding in Gaza cite “tight restrictions” on imports of fuel which do not exist . (BBC Watch)

Who condemns Palestinian terrorism?
In the Spanish speaking press, very few voices were given space to condemn the attack to the 240 bus line near Tel Aviv, while only a handful of papers actually published news about the incident. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Brandeis and Penn State Harrisburg Pull Out of ASA Program in Response to Boycott
ASA takes a more extreme stance on Israel than the president of the Palestinian Authority. (in Focus)

Review of the Fall Semester 2013: Israel Awareness Week at the University of Houston
Over 70 students attend event with Israel’s highest ranking Muslim diplomat during Israel Awareness Week at the University of Houston, organized with CAMERA’s help and support. (in Focus)

Ma’ariv’s Misplaced Rage
The cause of a demonstration seems to baffle Ma’ariv (Presspectiva)

Is Israel’s Christian Population Really Declining?
A nasty Independent Op-Ed repeats a modern day slander (Presspectiva)

The Samer Issawi Test

Released Palestinian prisoner Samer Issawi is an important test case for journalists. His hunger strike continues to garner news coverage. His conviction for multiple attempts of murder, not so much. (CAMERA)

Senior Campus Coordinator at CAMERA Writes to Hampshire College President, Calling on Him to Condemn the ASA Boycott
Read her well-written letter here. (in Focus)

Review of Fall Semester 2013: Gil Magen at Ohio State University 

Photography Under Fire event draws in many people, including adults over age 50, students from a diverse number of academic department such as Middle East Studies, photography, sociology, political science and others. (in Focus)

Review of Fall Semester 2013: Sgt. Benjamin Anthony at George Mason
About 70 students attend event designed to decrease apathy and increase awareness of Israel. Students involved in Greek life, students enrolled in ROTC and others learn about what drove Benjamin Anthony to leave all he knew in his native U.K. and enlist in the IDF. (in Focus)

Professor Rotella, Director of the American Studies Program at Boston College, Speaks Out Against the ASA Boycott of Israel
Read his letter here. So far 55 institutions have condemned the ASA boycott. (in Focus)

Ma’ariv and Makor Rishon Greatly Over-report European Antisemitism
A report on a new poll on European Anti-semitism manages to cite every figure wrong. (Presspectiva)

Who Needs To Check Facts If You Can Read Ynet?

A scathing op-ed in the “7th eye” against the Simon Wiesenthal Center, was completely based on an error published in Ynet (Presspectiva)

Event Held at the University of Miami Celebrates Gay Life in Israel
About 70 students attend event at the University of Miami to learn about the rights that Israel gives gays in Israel. (in Focus)

The Failures of Sam Bahour
J-Street at Brandeis helps bring to campus a speaker that is against Israel’s existence, and that suggested that Israel is responsible for chemical weapon use in Syria. J-Street is part of Hillel on that campus. (in Focus)

CAMERA Helps Bring Jeff Jacoby to Florida
Jeff Jacoby connects Zionism to American history and covers the big lies- big truth phenomenon. Our Owls for Israel Board member at Florida Atlantic University writes about it. (in Focus)

Guardian: Non-Jewish Israelis who live in settlements should not be called ‘settlers’

 According to the Guardian’s ‘Style Guide’, the term “settler” can only be used to characterize ‘Jewish’ Israelis who live beyond the green line. So, according to this logic, a Christian or Muslim citizen of Israel living in an “East” Jerusalem ‘settlement’ would NOT be considered a “settler”. (CiF Watch)



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