100% of missile fire from Gaza Strip in May ignored by BBC

On May 1st a missile fired from the Gaza Strip landed in the Eshkol region of the Western Negev. Further missile hits took place on May 23rd in the Sha’ar HaNegev area and on the night of May 31st again in Eshkol. Additionally, several incidents of warning sirens sounding but no impact site found (often meaning that missiles were fired but fell short) also occurred throughout the month.

Eshkol region, Western Negev
Eshkol region, Western Negev

None of the above terror attacks against Israeli civilians were reported by the BBC.

Also in the southern sector, an improvised explosive device was activated against Israeli troops patrolling the border on May 21st and shots were fired at a similar patrol on May 23rd.

The discovery of a plot to kidnap Israeli soldiers orchestrated by Palestinian prisoners was made public in May, as was the arrest of a former prisoner from Jenin in connection with an attempted kidnapping in the Galilee.

“According to a Shin Bet statement, Murad Mahmoud Hassan Ali Hassin, 25, admitted he had entered a home in Avtalion on April 19 armed with a knife, in an attempt to kidnap one of the household’s members.

Hassin said he planned to use the kidnapped individual as a bargaining chip for the release of Palestinian prisoners.

His attempt proved unsuccessful as he was chased out by the owner of the home.

During his investigation, Hassin, who served two years in an Israeli prison for a failed stabbing attack on an IDF soldier, further confessed to hurling Molotov cocktails at passing vehicles near Avtalion in the days following the kidnapping attempt.”

Numerous incidents of shooting and stone-throwing at Israeli vehicles took place in Judea & Samaria and Jerusalem, with several Israelis and one Palestinian man injured. On May 30th a suicide bomber was apprehended at Tapuach Junction and the explosives he was carrying on his person safely detonated.

“A 20-year-old Palestinian from the Nablus region arrived Friday a little after 10 am at the flashpoint Tapuach Junction, he was spotted by Border Guard forces and raised their suspicions because he was wearing a coat despite the intense heat.

The forces ordered him to halt and take off his coat, at which point he informed them that he was carrying a bomb.”

At least one BBC journalist was aware of that incident but, like the rest of the above security incidents and terror attacks throughout May, it too was ignored by the BBC meaning that the corporation’s audiences remain unaware of vital information necessary for them to be able to “participate in the global debate on significant international issues” as pledged by the BBC.

Shuval tweet Tapuach junc

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