The Israel not seen on the BBC

Readers no doubt recall that – despite the BBC’s subsequent protestations – Jeremy Bowen recently told listeners to BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme that the Israeli government constitutes a threat to Middle East Christians on a par with that presented by “extreme Islam”. As was noted here at the time:

“Bowen of course provided no fact-based support for his fallacious claim that Palestinian Christian communities are “threatened” by Israel and neither did he inform listeners that the Christian community in Israel is both safe and thriving.”

The caricature portrayal of Israel so often presented to BBC audiences by the BBC’s Middle East editor of course erases from view the realities of what is in fact a much more complex, nuanced and interesting story. A glimpse of that story – and of the real country behind the BBC headlines – can be seen in this recent speech given in London by Christian Arab-Israeli diplomat George Deek.

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