BBC News coverage of terrorism in Israel – July 2016

The Israel Security Agency’s report on terror attacks (Hebrew) during July 2016 shows that throughout the month a total of 101 incidents took place: 77 in Judea & Samaria, 23 in Jerusalem and one incident originating from the Gaza Strip.

The agency recorded 73 attacks with petrol bombs, 22 of which occurred in Jerusalem. Six shooting attacks, 19 attacks using explosive devices, one vehicular attack and one stabbing attack took place in Judea & Samaria and Jerusalem. Two missiles were fired from the Gaza Strip in one attack.

One Israeli civilian – Rabbi Michael Mark – was murdered in Palestinian terror attacks during July. Seven people (four civilians and three members of the security forces) were wounded.

The shooting attack near Otniel on July 1st in which Rabbi Mark was murdered and three members of his family wounded did receive coverage, together with an earlier attempted stabbing attack in Hebron. The missile attack from the Gaza Strip later the same day was not reported on the BBC News website.

Among the other attacks which did not receive coverage on the BBC News website were an attempted stabbing attack near Ariel and a stoning attack on Route 60 on July 5th, a vehicular attack near Neve Daniel on July 6th, a shooting attack near Metzad in which a civilian was wounded on July 9th, a thwarted bomb attack on the Jerusalem light rail system on July 17th, a stabbing attack on Route 60 on July 18th and an attempted stabbing at Hawara on July 31st.

In conclusion, the BBC reported one fatal terror attack and one attempted attack throughout the month of July.

In comparison with its record during 2015, we see an improvement in BBC coverage of fatal terror attacks in Israel during the first seven months of 2016 with all those attacks having been reported. Overall, the BBC News website reported 3.9% of the terror attacks which took place between January and July 2016 inclusive and its record of reporting the missile attacks launched from the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the year stood at 0% at the end of July 2016.


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