BBC corrects one version of a report which breaches its own style guide

Last month we noted the appearance of a report by the BBC Jerusalem bureau’s Yolande Knell in which she ignored the instructions in BBC’s style guide relating to Temple Mount by repeatedly referring to the whole site as “al-Aqsa Mosque”, “al-Aqsa” and “al-Aqsa mosque complex”.


As documented, the report was also translated into Arabic and it appeared on the BBC Arabic website with an inaccurate photo caption in which a picture of the Dome of the Rock was described as showing “Al-Aqsa Mosque”.

CAMERA UK contacted the BBC on March 13th to request corrections to both versions of Knell’s report. Although receipt of our complaint was acknowledged, we have yet to receive a reply.

However, sometime between March 13th and March 17th, the photo caption in the Arabic version was amended and some of the references to the site were replaced with the recommended terminology “the Noble Sanctuary”.



The English language version of Knell’s report has however yet to undergo any amendment to replace the PLO recommended term “al-Aqsa Mosque compound” which does not conform to the instructions in the BBC’s style guide.

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  1. says: Neil C

    Knell’s ‘removed’ on-line profile cannot hide her pro Palestinian associations, her reports continuously tell lies, break the BBCs own rules and yet never ever does she get disciplined, disgusting behaviour from a rank amateur #defundthebbc

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