UK outlets continue to get ICJ ruling wrong

UK media outlets continue to mischaracterise the The International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling on charges of ‘genocide’ against Israel, while ignoring a clarification by ICJ’s former president on the issue that, contrary to what many MSM outlets reported, the court did NOT rule that there was a “plausible” case for genocide.

Here’s the interview in question, on the BBC’s Hardtalk, with Joan O’Donoghue:

Here’s the relevant comment in the interview:

[The court] “didn’t decide that the claim of genocide was plausible. It did emphasize in the order that there was a risk of irreparable harm to the Palestinian right to be protected from genocide. But the shorthand that often appears, which is that there is a plausible case of genocide isn’t what the court decided.”

Due to the interview, we were able to get the Guardian to correct two pieces over a ten day period which initially repeated the false claim about the court ruling that genocide charge was “plausible”.

However, as our colleague noted in a post this morning, the BBC hasn’t received the memo.  During a May 13 edition of BBC Radio Scotland’s ‘Mornings with Kaye Adams’, the presenter failed to challenge a claim by Nick Nappier, head of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign, that “the International Court of Justice has said we’re dealing plausibly with a case of genocide“.

CAMERA UK has submitted a complaint to the BBC over Adams’ failure to challenge this misinformation.

Similarly, we complained today about a May 19th op-ed in the National (of Scotland) which included this false claim.

See this post by our colleague David Litman which provides more examples of Western media outlets which got the story wrong.

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