Guardian amplifies Human Rights Watch report vilifying Israel

A Guardian article on a new Human Rights Watch report vilifying Israel didn’t even feign objectivity or professionalism. In the 475 word piece by their Middle-East correspondent Michael Safim there isn’t even one sentence quoting someone critical of the report – neither an Israeli official nor NGO Monitor.

Op-ed at The Times: Corbyn is merely a ‘critic of the Likud government’

Of course, beyond ‘merely’ his hatred of Israel, the overwhelming majority of British Jews (87%) believe that Corbyn is personally antisemitic, which renders Rifkind’s suggestion, towards the end of her op-ed, that it’s the responsibility of the Jewish community to reach out to and reconcile with Labour a moral inversion of the highest order.

Yahoo News UK op-ed on Gaza amplifies Hamas talking points

Alashqar’s article was written with the sole objective of vilifying Israel by amplifying Hamas talking points. Every action or hardship is Israel’s fault no matter what the truth states. Mr Alashqar – alongside so many others – can continue to blame Israel and indemnify Gazans, but this only serves to make peace an ever more distant dream for both Israelis and Palestinians.

Financial Times misleads on Muslim antisemitism

Though we haven’t read Weiss’s book and don’t know the specifics of her argument, if she was broadly asserting that Muslims in Europe are, on average, significantly more antisemitic than non-Muslims in the continent, she’s certainly on solid empirical ground.