Guardian: No Israeli Nobel Peace Prize Winners – ever!

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British broadsheet The Guardian has not been known of late as a friend of Israel, but their latest attempt to remove from the history books Israeli achievements is disgusting.
In a piece entitled Nobel peace prize winners list: how does Barack Obama compare? the Guardian removes from the list three recipients to the award, who happen to be Israeli (1978 Menachem Begin, 1994 Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin).
Below are the screen shots just in case they update their site.
The columns on the table are: Year, Winner 1, Shared Winner 2, Country 1, Country 2, Sex 1, Sex 2
The Guardian should be ashamed of themselves.
Just noticed that the Guardian has finally realised that Israelis have won the Peace prize.
Whether the initial exclusion was intentional or not I don’t know – but with their track record one can only speculate.
Good thing I have those original screen shots!
UPDATE 2 16.20 GMT

Simon Rogers from the Guardian is arguing over at Harry’s Place that this was a simple mistake:

The errors happened when we decided to put joint winners in two columns – which is why the country reference survived, but the name didn’t, ie you see “Israel” but not Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin. When the table first went up this lunchtime, it also missed out John Raleigh Mott, The Quakers and the League of Red Cross Societies. We assumed all the errors were at the top but unfortunately they weren’t.

Here is my response:

Sorry, don’t buy it.
26 double entries seem to have been logged correctly, including the years directly before and after the Arafat/Rabin/Peres win.
How can you get it right so many times and wrong when Israelis are meant to be listed?

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