How low can it go?

This is a guest post from Jonathan Hoffman
How much lower can The Guardian sink into the mire of lying about Israel and demonising it?
On Friday two letters were published.
Both contained falsehoods. The first said that NGO Monitor is “part of a concerted Israeli government campaign ….” It is not of course – it is every bit as independent of the Israeli government as The Guardian is of the UK government.
The second letter – from a worker at the PSC – said that Israel’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman threatened to use nuclear weapons against Gaza, quoting Turkish PM Recep Erdogan. He never threatened any such thing – of course.
So I wrote a short letter to correct both false statements. It did not appear on Saturday or today. So I called. It has been rejected.
Blatant mendacious bias. Alan Rusbridger, hang your head in shame.
But of course he won’t.

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