Portrait of the Activist as a Young Numpty

This is a guest post by Geary
Middle class “activists”, one presumes at least, see themselves as denizens of the left, or at least as espousing certain liberal values: the rights of women, antiracism, including anti-Semitism, freedom from persecution of gay people, free expression of faith, in short the celebration of human diversity in all its forms
So why in the name of Mike do these numpties spend the entire sum of the youthful energies in frantic, ingenious and sometimes comical activities to bring down the one country which espouses (certainly de jure, and as much as anyone else in the world, de facto) those very values, in a region which utterly despises them.
They are every bit as dangerous as the fellow travellers at the time of the RAF and the Red Brigades. But at least then one could see an ideological link: a new form of democracy, the redistribution of power to the working classes (though in practice to the leaders of the movement, as always with anarchism and communism). The dearest wish of the current crop of “activist” numpties is to be seen alongside Hamas, whose core values include the oppression of women, public executions of gays and “adulterers” (sometimes raped women), the subjugation and eventual elimination of inferior religious groups. To throw in your lot with Hamas and its satellite organisations like this “charity” is to collaborate in the true repression of the population of Gaza.
“Free Gaza”. Indeed. Free Gazans from reactionary Islam.
Finally, it is truly mind-boggling that they also had no qualms, no qualms at all at joining the jolly escapade organised from Turkey. Turkey. The very antithesis, the very nemesis of diversity or tolerance or multi-culturalism. Where non-Muslims are so persecuted that their number has fallen from 20% to 2% in a hundred years. Where the Kurds are forbidden to practice their own culture, even to speak their own language, even to give their children Kurdish names.
I look forward to the next flotilla of middle-class numpties sailing the good ship “Free Kurdistan” towards the coast of Iskerderum. Would they resist inspection by the Turkish special forces? Allah help them if they did.

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