Recently Hezbollah, CiF’s favorite Fascist terrorist group (sorry, “resistance force”) lost one of its “spiritual” leaders.  Hussein Fadhallah entered the gates of hell on July 4th 2010.  His “Guardians” were promptly at those gates attempting to assure his passage to progressive heaven.

Ian Williams, writing in The Guardian, even made a snide remark about the date of the passing of this creep, being the 4th of July.

“Some might even see significance in his death, at 75, on July 4th, which will doubtless bring up his support for the attack on the American marine barracks in Beirut. But then they might also think about the joint Saudi/alleged CIA operation that tried to kill the Ayatollah with a massive bomb but ended up killing 80 men and women worshippers at his Mosque.”

Ian should have known better. The 1983 bombing was not just an attack on Americans. It was an attack on the UN. The same day a similar attack killed dozens of French peace keepers also sporting the Blue Berets. The reason Ian should know better is because he used to work for the UN .

In fact Hezbollah hung an American UN officer, video taped the murder, and presented it to the world. Nice progressive “resisters” they are.   Those Hezbollah attacks ended US participation in UN peace keeping.

Of course nobody has figured out what Hezbollah is currently “resisting”, after Israel withdrew its forces from every last inch of Lebanese territory in 2000.  Aside from the existence of Jews as a people, there is little left to resist.

He also should have known that this Mullah, who has supported the right of women to wear lipstick and nail polish – indicating his strong feminist credentials – denied the Holocaust and expressed genocidal intent toward Jews a number of times.

Merely entering his name into Google will yield this wiki quote:

“The Hebrew state is preparing to celebrate its 60th anniversary – 60 years since it plundered Palestine – in a festival, which will be attended by the countries of the world, most of which still support the Jewish state and consider the resistance movement to be terrorism. This is what led German Chancellor Merkel to visit that plundering country, which extorted and continues to extort Germany, using as a pretext the German Hitlerist-Nazi past, and the placing of the Jews in a holocaust. Zionism has inflated the number of victims in this holocaust beyond imagination. They say there were six million Jews – not six million, not three million, or anything like that… But the world accepted this [figure], and it does not allow anyone to discuss this.”

These are basically a repeat of the words of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the leading official Holocaust denier and President of Iran – patron of Hezbollah, its proxy terrorist force. Was Ian Williams lacking internet access when he was writing this piece?

No, likely he just took a page out of The Guardian’s “progressive” manifesto – an ideology which influences otherwise sharp minds to minimize the relevance of ideas such as Holocaust Denial and Fascism by insisting on putting such messy hatred in its proper political “context”.

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