Hamas “destruction of Israel” fantasy video

Courtesy of  jeungmyeong on YouTube:

A new Hamas video clip has the Arab internet all a frenzy: It depicts the “battle to free Palestine” and includes fire on Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and changes to Channel 2’s news anchors.

The video, which is particularly popular in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, was created by two Hamas operatives from Gaza and the West Bank.

It shows a graphic simulation of the burning down of the High Court of Justice and the Bank of Israel buildings in Jerusalem, and cars with Palestinian flags driving across Tel-Aviv’s Ayalon Highway.

The beginning of the video shows a Palestinian refugee saying “Inshallah, the Jihad will take back the homeland.”

The next image is of Palestinian students telling their teacher they want to become part of the resistance; followed by an image of an armed Palestinian outlining the liberation operation.

After Israel is successfully attacked and “liberated,” Palestinians are shown walking along the Tel Aviv promenade and on its streets.

At the pinnacle moment of the video, the opening credits to Channel 2’s nightly news edition appear, but anchorwoman Yonit Levy’s place is taken by a Palestinian anchorman, depicted getting ready for the news broadcast declaring the “liberation of Tel Aviv and Palestine.

According to Muhammad al-Amriti, one of the video’s creators, the clip was made in response to “inciting Zionist videos and videos encouraging the bombing of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

“We planned to do a cartoon, but we then decided to shoot an actual film. We hope it can be aired on the satellite stations that support the resistance,” he said.

His partner Eieman Hijazi, said the two used their own funds to finance the film, and urged television stations supporting the resistance to fund more films of this kind, saying he and his partner could produce such videos every three months.

No comment from those (at the New York Review of Books and elsewhere) who have continued to suggest that Hamas must be part of the “peace process”.


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