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From the website of HaShomer Hahadash:

Modern Zionism was introduced into the world about 150 years ago in order to return the Jewish People to the Land of Israel and the Land of Israel to the Jewish People. To those who are clear of mind and heart and who know the history of the Jewish People, ancient and modern, Zionism, in spite of all complexities, is both logical and a natural necessity for Jewish survival.

More than sixty years after the creation of the Jewish State of Israel by the United Nations, we are still being pushed off our land, our livestock and crops are still being destroyed – and these are not topic in the public forum.

Zionism is an irrevocable requirement for the renewal of the State of Israel. Just so is the connection between the People and the Land an irrevocable requirement for the renewal of Zionism.

HaShomer HaHadash (The New Guardian) was established by lovers of the Land of Israel in response to the theft and destruction of land, livestock, crops and equipment by groups of minorities whose goal is to demoralize and financially bankrupt Jewish ranchers and farmers in The Galilee and The Negev leading to their abandonment of the land.

Government offices and the authorities entrusted with law enforcement and surveillance in The Galilee and The Negev are aware of the debilitating and threatening agricultural vandalism and terrorism.

It’s well-known that millions of shekels are lost annually to this phenomenon and that ranchers, farmers and their families have had attempts made on their lives, including being shot.

All too often, the police reaction when filing a complaint is to suggest that the complaintant pay protection money to the Arab village responsible in order to protect Jewish land, property and life.

Going back to their roots, Yoel Zilberman, On Rifman and several of their friends, started HaShomer HaHadash three years ago, modelled on the historic HaShomer organization of Alexander Zeid, to guard vulnerable livestock, fences and equipment by simply creating a noticeable presence in the field.

Speaking to young people around the country, they enlisted volunteers, who number today 1000, to give 20 days each of their time per year. Together, volunteers and staff forge national initiative, personal commitment and courage to create a bond to prevent further abandonment of Jewish lands by those who succumb to Arab threats, terror and vandalism.

Here’s Yoel Zilberman – The Founder of “HaShomer HaHadash– speaking at The Jerusalem Conference:


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