The Abu Rahma Hoax, pt 2 (A new claim contradicts original report)

New information regarding the circumstances surrounding the death of Jawaher Abu Rahma continue to make initial reports by the Palestinian Authority – that Abu Rahma died, as the result of tear-gas fired by IDF forces, while protesting in Bilin (a narrative repeated by the MSM) – seem less credible by the day.

As we noted in our original post yesterday, regarding what Saeb Erekat immediately labeled a “war crime“:

  • Medical records from the hospital where Abu Rahma was treated contain wildly contradictory and incomplete information regarding the time of her admission, prior treatment and medical condition, and cause of death.
  • There has been no photo taken of Abu Rahma at the protest in question, or at any previous Bilin protest.
  • The burial was undertaken via an accelerated procedure, and no post-mortem was performed.

Now, CiF Watch has obtained the following image of the Facebook page of the cousin of Abu Rahma, Hamde Abu, who claims that she indeed was NOT present at the protest in question.

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Hamde claims that his cousin was not present at the protest, but was:

“…in her home, approximately 500 meters away from where the gas canisters landed, when she suffered the effects of gas that was carried over the village by wind.  The chemicals caused poisoning in her lungs, which caused suffocation and the stopping of the heart, leading to her death…”

So, if, as her cousin says, Abu Rahma was 500 meters away from the tear gas, the claim that the gas killed her seems less and less likely.  At the very least, if the teargas used was so lethal, why weren’t protesters who were more directly exposed to the chemical the ones killed, rather than a woman 500 meters away?

More, on the technical question of whether tear-gas could conceivably carry in the wind and kill someone so far away, will be posted soon.

(Update: I just wanted to note that Elder of Ziyon, who’s been doing stellar work on this story, also obtained the Facebook image in question, and posted about it previously.)

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