Nadir of the anti-Zionist Jewish left: Mondoweiss debates how ‘progressives’ should feel about murder of Jewish children in Itamar

I wouldn’t recommend reading the Jewish anti-Zionist blog Mondoweiss unless you’re really prepared to roam the abyss of Jewish extreme left political pathologies – Jews who, as Anthony Julius has observed, appear to be “proud to be ashamed to be Jewish” (and here’s something I posted at Elder of Ziyon if you’re interested in a primer on the blog) – but I thought it at least worth noting the surreal “debate” going on on at the site.  Here’s the conclusion of a recent post by a frequent contributor:

“We know from history that if you occupy, torture, and humiliate a people, kill their children, destroy their homes, ravage their mosques, burn their olive trees, and degrade their hopes to dust, some of them will snap. You want my condemnation? You will not have it. No one should respond to such demagogic moral blackmail. We killed those children. There are those who will warp my words. Good luck. I do not want children to die, no child deserves to die or deserves such parents or deserves to be born into such a society or such a state. However, I don’t think judgment of the Palestinians is the best way to prevent such murders. I have a better idea: war crimes trials for those most responsible. They will be easy to find – they are all over the television, and we vote for them regularly. If we are interested in stopping the killing of Jewish children and Palestinian children alike, then let’s point our fingers at those responsible for creating the conditions that make those murders almost inevitable: the endless chain of military commanders-turned-bourgeois ahusalim sitting in the suburbs of Tel-Aviv clucking at the latest barbarity spawned by the barbarities they’d rather forget. We know names, we know who to blame: Netanyahu, Livni, Peres, Bush, Obama, Clinton. How convenient, for us to blame the victims. How pathetic and cowardly. How shameful.”

No, “shameful” doesn’t begin to describe the depravity of Jews whose hatred of Israel is so intense that they’re not prepared to fiercely, and without qualification, express moral outrage towards Palestinian terrorists who would slit the throat of an infant.

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