Did the Klans Gather in the Lowlands of Scotland?

A Guest Post by AKUS

Well, it looks like the virulent anti-Semites and terrorist supporters who had control of the agenda in Dundee  ran afoul of the rule of law. And for once, the law was in Israel’s favor.

Clearly, the attempt by a Palestinian pressure group, the SPSC, the Scottish branch of a Palestinian extremist lobby that makes AIPAC in the US look like a bunch of amateurs, ran up against the not so minor issues of the legality of discrimination and boycotts. They fought the law, and the law won .

One has to wonder, of course, whether the lunatic fringe that comprises the Dundee and Dunbartonshire councils has no greater issue on their agenda than worrying about Israel and a war two years in the past. Let’s take a look at the place where the controversy first surfaced – DUMB-arton.

The self-important councilors of that forgotten blight on the United Kingdom’s economic and cultural landscape decided, two and a half years ago, to boycott Israeli products, including, all protestations to the contrary, books printed in Israel. Do they have the time for these shenanigans because all is well in DUMB-arton?

Is there, for example, full employment and a generally increasing rise in the standard of living there? Is Dunbartonshire well-known for the standards of its schools and its attention to creating a warm, welcoming and friendly environment for its citizens and tourists? Not really. In fact, the eponymously named “Dumbarton Reporter” just noted the following examples of a continuing long slide into increasing misery and obscurity (obscurity relieved only the most negative way possible by the idiocy and anti-Semitism of Councilors like  Jim Bollan):

The Commons Touch

THE recent announcement that West Dunbartonshire was the most difficult place to find a job in the UK was extremely worrying, highlighting the real problems that we face in the local area.

Unfortunately, there has been more bad news in the past few weeks, with the announcement that both the Job Centre Plus Contact Centre and Driving Test Theory Test Centre in Clydebank are to close and relocate to other areas.

Whilst it is hoped that job losses can be avoided, I am deeply worried by the attitude of this Conservative-led Government towards areas such as ours.

In addition, the news this week that the funding for Ontowork re-employment programme in Alexandria has been withdrawn has further increased concerns about the support available within the constituency.

Then there’s this sad report that reflects on the decline of the rather limited tourist trade in the area:

Tourist centre faces the axe

Milton Visitor Centre, which is just off the A82 heading into Dumbarton, is under review by West Dunbartonshire Council (WDC) because of declining visitor numbers at the facility.

A report by the Elaine Melrose, executive director of Housing, Environmental and Economic Development (HEED), said over the last five years the centre has experienced a significant decrease in visitor numbers.

Oh, dear. And all this is happening while in the country they boycott, Israel, unemployment is among the lowest in the developed world and tourism has reached new highs! Perhaps they should try to twin with an Israeli town to see how it’s done?

This image of the DUMB-arton Municipal Buildings gives us a sense of the glory that is DUMB-arton:

And you know that library that was supposed to ban the Israeli books? It is not exactly a triumph of modern architecture, either:

Which brings me to the nearby Dundee Council’s recent vote  and the funniest part of their miserable, self-serving, weasel-worded, back-pedaling post-council meeting “declaration ” about the affairs of another far off, happy, sunny, prosperous country called Israel:

“the council passed an amendment welcoming and celebrating the diversity of cultures and faiths within its boundaries”

Which “diverse culture” were they “welcoming” and “celebrating”, I wonder? Certainly not that of Jewish and Israeli authors, who will not be flocking to this arrogant, meddlesome, self-admiring bunch of loony-leftists attempting to strut onto the global stage by pretending that they are a beacon of hope, happiness, diversity, tolerance and the good life somewhere in the lowlands (so apt!) of Scotland.

In fact, I wondered just how diverse the welcoming the little hell-hole of DUMB-arton is, where this all started? Well, it turns out there is some interesting data available at Comparative Population Profile:

Good heavens! DUMB-arton ranks 5% less in terms of overall diversity based by country of birth than Scotland as a whole  (Dundee does a little better with slightly greater diversity than Scotland as a whole). When it comes to those DUMB-artoners born in the great unwashed and unspecified territory known to Scots as “Elsewhere”, it turns out only 1.29% fit into that category. Even that is virtually half as much as Scotland as a whole, which would seem to win few prizes in the diversity category anyway. Moreover, it appears that in DUMB-arton, 99.6% of households are made up of people from the same ethnic background! Even the rest of Scotland scores twice as high in the percentage of mixed households, but still with unmixed households at a remarkable 99.03%:

Given DUMB-arton’s small population, and its almost complete lack of diversity, I am left wondering if it is centuries of in-breeding that put the DUMB in DUMB-arton.

If the councilors of Dundee and DUMB-arton welcome too many of those they are so eager to support to their not so “diverse” towns I have sad news for them. The Muslim and Arab nations they so admire have donated the least money to their Palestinian brothers over the years of any wealthy countries. Perhaps they know a thing or two about the situation that has escaped the eagle-eyes of the be-kilted councilors of Scotland. If it ever crossed the councilors’ little minds that a few petro-dollars would make their way into their sporrans as a result of these efforts to pander to the Islamists and express their virulent anti-Semitism, they should forget it. Such extremists will take all they can and DUMB-arton, already a global laughing stock, will get nothing in return but the hatred reserved for all the infidels, even the Klans of Scotland.

To take a phrase from another context, the Palestinians and their supporters will ultimately turn around and tell the councilors:  “Kish mir in tuchus”.

And they’ll deserve it.

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