Guardian reader comment of the day: The Protocols of the Learned Elders of CiF Watch Zionists

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CiF’s Bella Mackie (Alan Rusbridger’s daughter who, thanks to CiF Watch got into some trouble engaging in ad homimen attacks against a prominent Jewish writer some time ago) has a series titled, “What do you want to talk about”?, which invites Guardian readers to share their thoughts on topics they’re interested in, or suggest a story worth reporting.

The Sept. 2 edition of Mackie’s column elicited this reader comment:

Yes, the jig is up and I’m ready to come clean.

CiF Watch’s global reach has allowed us the operational capacity to covertly place CiF Watch agents within key positions of “seemingly” anti-Zionist propaganda broadsheets like the Guardian.  

What seems, to the untrained eye, to be a newspaper with a visceral, ideologically inspired hostility to the Jewish state in truth actually represents the results of an international covert effort to discredit the anti-Zionist left by planting commentary and news reports containing the most absurd, inflammatory, and bigoted narratives about Israel – tropes which mirror what’s advanced by paleoconservative commentators like Pat Buchanan – at a newspaper which fancies itself a liberal voice. 

Well, we had a good run, and the plan was successful beyond our wildest dreams.

However, now that we’ve been exposed, and operations fatally disrupted, we can expect to see the Guardian return to advancing an editorial line in sync with actual liberal values – such as a passionate opposition to antisemitism and support for Zionism consistent with the progressive politics of the Guardian’s former owner and editor, C.P. Scott.

In fact, the Guardian is already reporting on the CiF Watch subterfuge, and – as we still have some agents whose identity haven’t yet been compromised – have an advance copy of the tomorrow’s Guardian.

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