Saudi cleric’s message, offering reward for kidnapped Israeli soldiers, removed from Facebook

The Facebook message posted by prominent Saudi cleric, Dr. Awad al-Qarni, which offered a $100,000 reward to anyone who abducts Israeli soldiers, has been removed from his page.

Here’s the text of his message, as we reported yesterday:

“Media has reported the news that Zionist settlers pay huge amounts of money to those who would kill the released Palestinian prisoners. In order to answer these criminals, I declare to the world that any Palestinian who captures – inside Palestine [by which he means, all of Israel] – an Israeli soldier in order to exchange him for prisoners, I promise to pay him a reward and prize totaling one hundred thousand dollars.” 

Here’s a screen capture of the original message, in Arabic, as it looked yesterday:

Now, when you try to open the link to the message, you get this:

So, thanks to all the readers and fellow bloggers who complained to Facebook that the cleric’s post represented an egregious violation of FB’s terms of service.

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