Former Guardian darling George Galloway “haqs” the Arabs a ‘chainik’

A guest post by AKUS

Arabic: “haq” – the truth (according to British MP George Galloway)

Yiddish: “Hack mir nisht kein chainik” – a polite way of saying “Don’t BS me.”

Well, I never thought that I’d find myself agreeing with the former darling of the Guardian, closet Muslim convert George Galloway.  But in the end, the things some of us have kept on saying for years about the lack of Arab support for the Palestinians and the use made of them as a political tool to defame Israel  have come out into the open from that unlikely source.

For decades we evil Zionists have been pointing out that the Arabs’ love for Palestinians seems to grind to a halt at the borders of Gaza and in the hills of the West Bank of the Jordan. As long as they stay there, or in their townships as UNRWA refugees in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, or as menial laborers in the Gulf States, subject to expulsion at a moment’s notice, support is strong. But to expect the Arab states to do anything meaningful is a waste of time  – for example, to grant the sons, daughters, grandsons and daughters, and great-grandsons and daughters of the original 1948 refugees citizenship or “human rights”.

In his own inimitable way, British MP George Galloway, decided it was time to “haq” about everyone who is against the Syrian regime … and, of course, the world’s greatest sufferers – Palestinians.

MEMRI: British MP Galloway: I Am Against the Enemies of the Syrian Regime

Naturally, as usual, what’s happening in Syria is diverted to be all, all, all about Israel, the evil West,  and the Palestinians ….

You’ll look in vain for the Guardian showing this clip of Galloway lambasting Arabs for not supporting Palestine (or Assad).  MEMRI ‘s reports must not be allowed to conflict with the pristine ignorance about the Middle East of the average Guardian reader. George is now an non-person at the Guardian for his bizarre defense of Juliane Assange – over his indictment for rape – and his support for Assad when the Guardian has decided to support the equally murderous, and jihadi-infiltrated, rebels.

One Arab got tired of Galloway’s claims that he and his other Palestinian supporters are stooges of the Saudis, Qatar, the USA, Britain, Israel, etc., etc.,  regarding Syria and Palestine and the accusation that they are not on the side of “haq”.  He walked out.

Of course, Galloway is in this case correct, even if for all the wrong reasons (he wants the evil-doers he names to “reform” themselves and help destroy Israel instead of ignoring the Palestinians’ “plight”). So rather than walking out, the correct answer to Galloway should have been: “‘Haq’ mir nisht kein chainik – stop the BS – you couldn’t care less about the Syrians or Palestinians as long as they get together to destroy Israel and you get votes in Bradford. You use  the word ‘haq’ in the same way as the Soviets used the word ‘pravda’!”

The use of occasional words in Arabic is an interesting trend among those seeking to get “in” with Muslims for political purposes. Anti-Israeli activists like Galloway and Lauren Booth, who converted to Islam, are sprinkling their English with a few words of Arabic to boost their street cred. I doubt that Galloway or Booth could ask the average Palestinian the time of day in Arabic, but he’s all for “haq” and she’s all for “bismillah”.

If you haven’t seen the Booth clip that this is taken from it’s worth watching:


Unlike Jews who toss in a few words of the mamaloschen they heard from their grandparents, these phonies are desperately playing catch-up with the in-group they are trying to join.  I hope Galloway and Booth keep “haqing” away at the Middle East – they certainly make people think twice about the causes they espouse and the truth behind their diatribes.

See also the 2010 CiF Watch video, ‘The lies of Lauren Booth’:


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