BBC report on violence in Sinai

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A group of armed men murders 16 people, steals two military vehicles – one of which it first loads with explosives – then, also equipped with additional weapons, flak jackets and explosive belts, it storms an international border, where it detonates the truck carrying the explosives whilst the second vehicle of armed men attempts to illegally infiltrate the territory of a sovereign country. 

How would you describe such an event?  

According to the BBC, it was [emphasis added] “an apparent attempt to carry out another attack” and it was executed by “militants”. 

The same BBC article (which relates to Saturday’s violent events in north Sinai) concludes with the following reassuring statement:

“Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi has stressed that there is no cause for concern, maintaining that his country is committed to all international treaties.”

So apparently we can ignore items in the Egyptian press such as this, this or this.  

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