BBC still airbrushing David Ward’s remarks

In a story which bears more resemblance to an episode of Fawlty Towers by the day, the Liberal Democrat Chief Whip has formally censured the MP for Bradford East, David Ward, with a “don’t mention the Jews” clause included in his letter

The BBC’s report on this latest development has been relegated from the UK Politics and Middle East pages of its BBC News website to the regional ‘Leeds & West Yorkshire’ page. However, the BBC is still trying to pretend that Ward’s remarks pertained to Israeli Jews – as it did in its two previous reports on the incident.

“A Lib-Dem MP who accused “the Jews” in Israel of “inflicting atrocities on Palestinians” has received a letter of censure by the party.”

[emphasis added]

Ward censure art

Even the tepid reaction of the Lib Dem Chief Whip (which, notably, does nothing to address the subject of Ward’s use of an antisemitic Nazi analogy) indicates that the BBC’s repeated attempts to suggest that Ward was referring to Israeli Jews – rather than “the Jews” as a collective – are futile and mistaken.

So why is the BBC still flogging this dead horse?

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