The BBC shows it can get it right

(צילום: EPA)
Photo: EPA Locusts in the Negev

Credit where credit is due: the BBC recently had three reports about Israel up on its BBC News website which manage to relate to their subject matter in an impartial and accurate manner. 
One is a short filmed report about the swarms of locusts currently blighting the crops of farmers in southern Israel. Another is an article appearing in the website’s Travel section about differing kinds of tourist accommodation available on Israeli kibbutzim and the third is a report by the BBC Jerusalem Bureau’s Yolande Knell on the newly available ‘Dog TV’ channel, which comes in both filmed and written versions. 
Now of course none of these reports relates to ‘the conflict’, and so in these cases the BBC apparently does not feel the need to go beyond reporting news, but also to shape audience perception of it. But nevertheless these reports indicate that the BBC can report on Israel in a professional manner when it chooses to do so. 

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