BBC 4 programme cancellation sprouts conspiracy theories

On this recent thread a visitor to the comments section appeared to think that BBC Watch should have some kind of inside information – and opinion – on the cancellation of a programme scheduled for broadcast on BBC Four a few days ago. 

Ilan Ziv

Like everyone else, we have not seen the programme – which we understand to be a shorter version of a feature film.  We are, therefore, obviously unable to comment either on the programme itself or on the speculations surrounding the reasons for its cancellation. 


Over at Harry’s Place, however, is a link to a blogpost on the subject of the cancellation written by the filmmaker Ilan Ziv. In the comments to a separate blogpost included in the HP article, one notes the sprouting of conspiracy theories connecting the cancellation of the programme to a recent (and unrelated) BBC appointment which has not even come into effect. 

How tediously predictable and… sad. 

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