Yes they can: an accurate and impartial BBC article

There is probably no media organization in the world which has a more impressive record than the BBC when it comes to nature programmes. And so, whilst delightfully refreshing for those of us who trudge through BBC Israel-related content every day, it was not surprising to see the BBC’s science reporter Rebecca Morelle produce an article on the Hula painted frog on June 4th which is both informative and engaging and meets BBC standards of accuracy and impartiality. 

Hula painted frog

We have previously remarked here that the BBC has demonstrated that it is capable of producing accurate and impartial reporting on subjects not related to “the conflict”. It would of course be of considerable benefit to BBC audiences’ ‘global outlook’ – the promotion of which is defined as one of the public purposes of the BBC – were more nature and science related reports such as this one to be included in its coverage of Israel. There is, after all, no lack of subject matter in either of those fields. 

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