BBC regular Atwan’s week: speech at Hamas-linked conference, interview on Hizballah TV

Here is a picture of regular BBC guest commentator Abdel Bari Atwan taken last weekend.

Atwan PRC conf

Atwan gave a keynote speech at an ‘International Conference on the Oslo Accords’ held at the Palestinian Return Centre in London on September 7th and 8th 2013.

The Palestinian Return Centre is a known Hamas front which is proscribed by Israel. Readers can find out more about the ‘academic’ conference and its speakers here.

On September 10th Atwan was to be found appearing on Hizballah’s Al Manar TV, opposing international attempts to contain chemical weapons already used to kill hundreds of Syrian citizens.


“The loss of the Syrian chemical weapons will be a loss to the entire Arab nation, because these weapons are the poor man’s nuclear bomb. These weapons create some, if not complete, deterrence vis-à-vis Israel, which possesses a huge chemical and nuclear arsenal.”

Yes – this is a man the BBC considers it appropriate to invite regularly to its studios in order to provide BBC audiences with comment and analysis on the Middle East.

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