The Tripod: CAMERA Links in Three Languages -September 13th -16th edition

Does the evidence support the BBC’s touting of “less hardline Iranian stance” on nuclear issue?
The BBC continues to paint a misleading picture of a ‘moderate’ new Iranian president. (BBC Watch)

BBC regular Atwan’s week: speech at Hamas-linked conference, interview on Hizballah TV
A regular BBC guest commentator on the Middle East was recently to be found on Al Manar TV and at a Hamas-linked conference. (BBC Watch)

AP Better Than AFP on 20 Years Since Oslo
AP’s article on 20 years since Oslo mentions Palestinian terror attacks, something the AFP did not do in its egregiously skewed coverage. (Snapshots)

Glenn Greenwald’s top 5 anti-American rants
In addition to his well-documented record of antisemitism, Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald also possesses an extreme hostility towards the United States – an ideological orientation which calls into question those who take seriously his reports on U.S. national security. (CiF Watch)

The Economist’s extraordinarily misleading 12 words on why Hamas hates Israel
The Economist‘s brief explanation of why ‘Hamas hates Israel’ is, sadly, par for the course in the context of the UK media’s continuing obfuscation regarding the Islamist terror group’s theologically inspired antisemitism and commitment to jihad. (CiF Watch)

Assumptions presented as facts
Some Spanish-speaking media reproduced a Foreign Policy article stating assumptions about Israel’s alleged nerve gas stockpile as fact. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Northeastern’s SJP Violates School Policy
Students for Justice in Palestine protest a pro-Israel event without a permit, a violation of school policies. A Boston Globe columnist takes up their case. (In Focus)

The good, the bad and the naive
Yediot insinuates a sexist motivation for not appointing Israel’s first female governor of the Bank of Israel (Presspectiva)

Middle East headlines in the Spanish speaking press
Headlines focus on the UN report on the use of chemical weapons in Syria, but the press also emphasizes that Israel hasn’t signed the UN Convention on Chemical Weapons. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Problematic UN
In an Op-Ed, a CAMERA CCAP Liaison at the University of New Orleans sheds light on problems at the UN. (In Focus)



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