CAMERA links in 3 languages, Oct. 8: BBC Watch, Snapshots, In Focus, Presspectiva & Revista

Our regular roundup of posts from CAMERA affiliated sites:

BBC’s Simpson mainstreams trope used by anti-Israel campaigners
The BBC’s veteran World Affairs editor uses a suspect idiom employed by anti-Israel writers . (BBC Watch)

Inaccuracy and distortion in BBC report of Netanyahu’s UN speech
The BBC website’s report on the Israeli PM’s UNGA speech misleads audiences . (BBC Watch)

Ha’aretz Errs on Facebook, Too
After CAMERA’s Israel office contacted Ha’aretz, editors deleted a post on the media outlet’s Facebook page which falsely claimed that Women of the Wall accepted prayer space outside Jerusalem’s Old City. (Snapshots)

Rouhani translator: “No, he did not use the word ‘Holocaust.'”
Rouhani’s own translator adds her voice to the many who note that the Iranian president did not use the word “Holocaust” in his interview with CNN. It’s time for CNN to correct its mistranslation. (Snapshots)

More evidence the Guardian got it wrong on Rouhani’s “Holocaust” remarks
Contradicting the Guardian’s account of the remarks to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour by Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani, Rouhani’s own translator has recently confirmed that the word “Holocaust” was in fact never used by during the interview. (CiF Watch)

Fighting for Israel on College Campuses
CAMERA’s Senior Campus Coordinator writes in The Algemeiner on bullying and harassment that she experienced at Hampshire College while trying to defend Israel. (in Focus)

He Just “Died”
Analysis of media coverage of the death of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef (Presspectiva)

Why do building materials so confuse the media?
Presspectiva corrects erroneous reports on Israeli policy regarding the Gaza Strip (Presspectiva)

Middle East in the Spanish-speaking press
The press was focused on possible political implications of the death of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef and land restitution to Palestinians from Burka. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

On The Front Page! 
IDF Lt. Colonel Anat Berko speaks to a crowd of over 100 students on how children and women are recruited by terrorist organizations. Article about event appears on front page of student paper. (in Focus)

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