BBC quietly removes misleading claim on Israel’s stance on P5+1 talks

On November 11th we noted here that an article appearing on the BBC News website the previous day included a misrepresentation of Israel’s stance on the P5+1 talks with Iran in Geneva, stating:

“Peace talks in Geneva have centred on a proposal to freeze the expansion of Iran’s nuclear programme in exchange for relief from tough international sanctions.

Israel, which regards Iran as a security threat, has opposed the talks.” [emphasis added]

Iran dep min art

We are happy to be able to report that the misleading claim has been removed from the article, although no footnote informing audiences of the change – or why it was necessary – is appended. 

Iran minister article later version

This case once again underlines the need for a dedicated corrections page on the BBC News website in order to enable BBC audiences to keep abreast of inaccuracies they may have previously read there. 

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