The Tripod: CAMERA Links in 3 Languages – November 27th -December 2nd edition

Israel’s Security Key to a Stable Middle East
CAMERA Fellow at Drexel publishes a piece about the Palestinian terrorists released by Israel. (in Focus) Tripod logo

Hamas erases Israel from Gaza text books
Hamas has erased the term “Israel” from Gaza’s text books in most of the schools of the strip and has substitute it for the words “Zionist entity”. (ReVista de Medio Oriente)

Walla and the Strange Case of the “International Media”
Walla reports that a story is being covered by the “International Media.” In fact only the Iranian propaganda agency “Press TV” was reporting it. (Presspectiva)

BBC amplification of organised anti-Israel delegitimising campaign
A BBC report on protests against the Prawer Plan conceals – and amplifies – their political agenda. (BBC Watch)

Examining the BBC’s track record on Jewish refugees from Arab lands
The subject of Jewish refugees from Arab lands is under-reported by the BBC. (BBC Watch)

Future Leaders of Israel
Students are ready to fight back with a new, innovative advocacy tool, of which CAMERA is a sponsor. Rena Nasar, former president of the CAMERA Campus Activist Group YOFI at Baruch College explains: (in Focus)



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