Footage you won’t see on the BBC

MEMRI recently reported that:

“In early January 2014, for the second time since August 2012, Hamas’s education and interior ministries held the “Futuwwa” (“Youth”) camps for Gaza schoolboys, in which the boys receive military training and indoctrination. This years’ camps were called “Talai’ Al-Tahrir” (“Liberation Pioneers”) and were attended by 13,000 students, compared to 5,000 in 2012. The camps involve activities such as weapons drills, target practice, close-order drills, obstacle courses and war games, as well as lessons in civil defense, first aid and handling emergency situations.”

Below is footage of the camp from Hamas’ Al Aqsa TV, with translation by MEMRI.


Read the rest of MEMRI’s report – including statements from Hamas ministers and officials – here.

Curiously, activities such as these are not included in the BBC’s categorisation of ‘obstacles to peace’ or on its list of  ‘core issues’ to be resolved as part of the Middle East peace process. 

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