BBC says target audience of comedy show stereotyping Israelis is “16–24 age group”

Readers may recall that back in December a commissioned programme called ‘The Revolution Will Be Televised’ – broadcast on BBC Three – engaged in crude national stereotyping of Israelis as ‘expansionist’.

In the introductory segment of the show it was stated that:

“A report commissioned by the UN say [sic] that the Israeli construction of settlements into the West Bank is a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention.” expansion end


“You’ve got to wonder just when will this expansion end.”

At least one viewer who complained to the BBC about the programme has received a reply from BBC Complaints which claims, inter alia, that:

“This is the second series of this show and we think regular viewers will be aware of the premise and the comedic style. Whilst the programme is designed to entertain, it also attempts to inform its audience (predominantly the 16-24 age group) about political, social and economic issues that have a public interest.” [emphasis added]

Presumably then we can await a future episode in which those sixteen to twenty-four year-olds will be informed about the persistent and pernicious institutional anti-Israel bias which taints the United Nations.

Now that would be a revolution worth televising. 

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