Has there been even one recent incident of Jews attacking Muslims at the Temple Mount?

The question in our headline was inspired by an interesting post published at CAMERA’s blog Snapshots about an article in Haaretz which suggested (in both the headline and text) that the violence at the Temple Mount is initiated equally by both Jewish and Muslim worshippers.

haaretz temple mount two sides
Haaretz, Oct. 19th

Closer to the focus of this blog, you’d be hard pressed to find any UK newspaper acknowledging what any neutral observer of the frequent riots on the Mount would of course understand: that it is almost exclusively Palestinian Muslim visitors to the site “who routinely attack police and target Jewish worshipers” at the Temple Mount.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5mcCA6UF9I]
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04gsDf8qTAI]
Further, despite the UK media’s pattern of obfuscating the cause of such violence at Jerusalem’s holy sites, it is not accurate to claim – as they often do – that ‘clashes’ between Muslim worshippers and police simply ‘break out’ or ‘erupt’, or that there is “fighting between the two sides”.  
Israeli police never initiate the violence, but merely respond to, and try to control, the violence and mayhem.
Honest, objective media headlines and accompanying stories would make it clear that Muslim worshippers are the ones who (almost exclusively) engage in unprovoked acts of violence against police and Jewish worshippers at the Mount, often incited by extremists (and even ‘moderate’ Palestinian leaders) – a stubborn fact about one of the ‘root causes’ of conflict in Jerusalem that the media seems incapable of acknowledging.

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