CiF Watch prompts Indy correction to erroneous 'Gaza Holocaust' passage

As we noted previously, The Independent published a story on December 24th about the ongoing Sony hacking scandal by the newspaper’s Deputy People Editor, Ella Alexander.
However, in attempting to explain the nature of a series of leaked emails (a reply-all chain argument featuring Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, Russell Simmons and Ryan Seacrest) from film producer Ryan Kavanaugh, who is Jewish and a vocal Israel supporter, the Indy flubbed a key passage in the story.
Here are the relevant passages in the Indy article:
indy passage
The claim that Kavanaugh compared the situation in Gaza to the Holocaust is grossly inaccurate.

As the quote from Kavanaugh’s email cited by the Indy makes clear, he was likening the situation for Jews worldwide to the Holocaust, and arguing that the rise of antisemitism has dangerous parallels to the 1930s. 
Here are additional passages from the same Indy article, again quoting Kavanaugh’s email:
Kavanaugh is clearly only referencing the Holocaust in the context of the rise of antisemitism over the summer, and was certainly not using the term to describe “the situation in Gaza” during the summer war.
We complained to editors at The Independent, and they agreed to remove the sentence falsely claiming that Kavanaugh “likened the situation in Gaza to the Holocaust”. (You can see the updated Indy article, here)
We commend Indy editors for agreeing to the correction.

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