BBC News continues to ignore terrorism against Israelis

Earlier this week three men were indicted in connection with the June 19th terror attack in which Danny Gonen was murdered and his friend wounded. At the time, the BBC did not report on that terror attack in English and the later arrest of the suspects also did not receive coverage.

On the same day two additional men were indicted for the June 29th terror attack near Shvut Rachel in which Malachi Rosenfeld was killed and three others injured. That incident was also not reported by the BBC in English.

There has been no BBC coverage of those indictments and the corporation continues to ignore the broader related topic of Hamas activity in Judea & Samaria – some of which is orchestrated from abroad.  

“In July 2015, Israeli security forces uncovered a Hamas military network from the village of Silwad (north of Ramallah), whose operatives were involved in the shooting attack on June 29, 2015, near the village of Shvut Rachel, north of Ramallah. Malachi Rosenfeld was killed in the attack and three people were wounded. Two days earlier, this network had carried out a shooting attack on an Israeli ambulance. Under questioning, the network operatives, some of whom also detained by the Palestinian Authority, revealed that their handler was a Hamas operative in Jordan. The handler was Ahmed al-Najjar, from the village of Silwad, who was previously imprisoned in Israel, released in the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange deal (hereinafter: the Shalit deal) and deported to the Gaza Strip. He moved from the Gaza Strip to Jordan and from there he handled the Hamas terrorist network.”

In contrast to its extensive coverage of the arson attack in Duma on July 31st, the BBC has refrained from reporting on numerous additional terror attacks which have taken place then. As well as the incidents documented here, attacks which have received no coverage include:No news

August 9th: the stabbing of an Israeli man filling his car at a petrol station on Route 443.

August 15th: the stabbing of a soldier at Ofer checkpoint – also on Route 443 – and the later stabbing of a Border Guard officer near Tapuach Junction.

August 17th: an additional stabbing of a Border Police officer at Tapuach Junction.

August 18th: a rock-throwing attack on a bus in Jerusalem which caused injury to five passengers.

Regarding terror attacks prevented by the security forces, the Times of Israel reports:

“According to the Shin Bet’s own statistics, Israeli security forces have prevented 17 suicide attacks so far this year — that’s 17 in just seven months. This figure does not include attacks prevented by the Palestinian Authority, which has dismantled several cells that planned such attacks.

Five of the 17 attacks thwarted by Israel were planned by members of Hamas, five were planned by other groups, and the remaining seven were not associated with any organization. […]

…so far this year, too, Israel prevented eight kidnappings planned by these so-called amateurs — and, again, this figure does not include kidnappings prevented by the Palestinian Authority. Of those eight, four were planned by members of Hamas and the rest by Islamic Jihad and other groups.

In all, over the first seven months of 2015, Israel’s defense and security establishment prevented 111 attempted terror attacks, including shooting attacks and bombings along with the kidnappings and suicide attacks.

Hamas is the prime offender, the Shin Bet figures show, responsible for more than half of those attempts (62, to be precise, or 55 percent).”

BBC audiences, however, remain severely under-informed with regard to both terror attacks perpetrated against Israelis and those prevented by the security forces, despite the corporation’s pledge that “they can expect the BBC to keep them in touch with what is going on in the world”. 

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