Upcoming events for BBC Watchers in the UK

CAMERA and BBC Watch are delighted to invite readers to two events which we will be hosting next month in the UK.pic BBC

On November 10th, at 19:30 at a venue in north London, we will hold a discussion on the impact of BBC coverage of Israel on attitudes towards Jews in the UK. The panel will feature a prominent keynote speaker together with lecturer and writer Denis MacEoin, Jonathan Turner of UK Lawyers for Israel, law lecturer Lesley Klaff and BBC Watch’s managing editor Hadar Sela.

“The upcoming review of the BBC Charter presents a once in a decade opportunity to address issues relating to BBC coverage of Israel, Jews and anti-Semitism and to examine the wider effects on community cohesion in the UK. 

Prime Minister David Cameron’s July speech outlining his government’s 5 year strategy dealing with extremism in the UK raised issues including conspiracy theories relating to Israel, Jews and antisemitic tropes.

With its unparalleled outreach and worldwide influence, the publicly funded BBC has an obvious obligation to exercise responsibility regarding those issues, amongst others, but does it live up to that expectation and how does its self-regulating complaints system fair when dealing with matters flagged up by its funding public?”

Advance registration is required – details can be found here.

On November 12th at 19:30 we will be holding a discussion on the same topic at a venue in Manchester, hosted by the Zionist Central Council.

For details of that event and booking, please contact zcc.man@zen.co.uk

Looking forward to meeting our UK-based readers at both events. 

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