What does the BBC News website consider more newsworthy than terror?

On December 19th three Israelis were wounded in a terror attack in Ra’anana.

“Magen David Adom paramedics treated a seriously injured 40-year-old man and a lightly injured woman on Anielewicz Street in the town north of Tel Aviv. Another woman was lightly injured a block away.

The attack took place in a residential neighborhood, with the terrorist first trying to enter a house, then attacking the man in the street, knifing him in the stomach, and then moving on to a synagogue in a public park, where he attacked a women, Ilana Abergil, who was at the synagogue preparing a meal for worshippers at the end of the sabbath.

He fled, lightly injured the third victim, and was finally caught.”

Despite at least one BBC journalist being aware of the incident, the BBC News website continued the pattern mostly seen throughout December and refrained from reporting that attack.

So what does the BBC News website find more worthy of coverage than terror attacks against Israeli civilians? Visitors to the site’s Middle East page on December 17th discovered – not for the first time – the answer to that question.

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