Guardian misleads on row over Arab MKs meeting with terrorists’ families

In the last two paragraphs of  ‘Israeli bill targeting leftwing NGOs passes first hurdle’, by the Guardian’s Jerusalem correspndent Peter Beaumont, the focus pivots from the much discussed NGO bill in the Knesset, to more recently proposed legislation.

Netanyahu is expected to introduce another bill that would make it possible to suspend sitting MPs for denying Israel’s existence as a Jewish and democratic state, inciting racism and supporting the armed struggle of a terror organisation or an enemy state.

The bill is aimed at Arab Israeli MPs, three of whom are currently suspended for meeting the families of Palestinians killed during attempted attacks on Israelis. It would be introduced as an amendment toughening an existing provision in Israel’s basic law.

Beaumont misleads on two counts.

First, contrary to Beaumont’s claim, the Palestinians terrorists in question were not killed during “attempted attacks”, but during deadly attacks. One of the Palestinians killed three Israelis in a terror attack on a Jerusalem bus in October.

Also, the Arab MKs did not merely visit with the terrorists’ families. As Palestinian Media Watch reported, they ‘honored’ the terrorists themselves with a moment of silence, and referred to the terrorists as shaheeds (martyrs).

It’s one thing for the Guardian to avoid publishing a stand-alone article on the disturbing behavior by three Arab MKs, but quite another to mention the row in a report about another topic, while failing to reveal the most relevant elements of the story.


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