Story of PA torture continues to be side-lined by BBC

BBC News usually likes a legal story from Israel - but not this one.

Last August we noted on these pages that the BBC had ignored a very unusual legal story from Israel.

“The Jerusalem Post reported that:

“Fifty-one Palestinians tortured by the Palestinian Authority for cooperating with Israel can sue the PA in Israeli courts for damages, the Jerusalem District Court ruled on Wednesday.

The 1,860-page ruling is based on dozens of witness testimonies over several years.

It is one of the most bizarre in years, as it involves Palestinian Authority citizens coming before the courts of the Israeli “occupation” to get justice for their mistreatment by their own PA law enforcement. […]

The case is likely to cause significant diplomatic and legal complications between Israel and the PA, especially about whether and how the authority would be paying damages.” [emphasis added]”

Although the plaintiffs won their case last year, they had to wait for a second court to determine the level of compensation from the Palestinian Authority. Part of that process was completed last week.

“In a landmark ruling, the Jerusalem District ordered the Palestinian Authority to pay compensation of 13.2 million shekels (approximately $3.5 million) to dozens of suspected collaborators with Israel who were systematically tortured while incarcerated in PA jails.

Hadashot news reported Thursday the plaintiffs hope that Israel will be able to collect the compensation from the Palestinian Authority, and that if not, it could be raised by offsetting tax revenues collected by Israel on the PA’s behalf.”

Israel HaYom adds:

“According to Thursday’s ruling, the PA will compensate the 52 victims for wrongful imprisonment. Additional compensation for the torture the collaborators endured will be decided upon at a later date.”

Unsurprisingly given the corporation’s dismal record on coverage of domestic Palestinian affairs, just as the BBC did not report that story when the plaintiffs won their case, it has also ignored the court’s ruling concerning compensation. However, with the BBC having in the past demonstrated its fondness for stories concerning Israeli confiscation of PA tax revenues, there is perhaps still a chance that audiences may hear about this story.   

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