CAMERA UK co-editor to speak at London antisemitism conference

Our co-editor Adam Levick will be one of the speakers at a 3-day academic conference on antisemitism organised by the newly established London Centre for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism (LCSCA) – to take place Sept. 11-13 at the Bloomsbury Theatre in Camden.  The list of speakers includes Anthony Julius, Howard Jacobson, Tracy-Ann Oberman, Rachel Riley, David Baddiel, Dave Rich, Luciana Berger, LCSCA founder David Hirsh and many, many others.
Here’s the abstract for Adam’s talk, which is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 12, at 9:00am.

The aim of this paper is to demonstrate that Critical Race Theory (CRT), whilst not intrinsically antisemitic, follows a pattern of thought about race and racism which erases antisemitism, and can lead to antisemitic outcomes.

Race is the locus of power in the CRT worldview, which posits a moral binary holding that white people manipulate language and history, promote the “false” idea of racial progress and employ ‘colour-blind notions of equal treatment’ in order to maintain their dominance over all spheres of society.

In addition to the fact that Jews have generally flourished in societies which uphold such liberal principles (the veneration and codification of individual as opposed to group rights, which are protected via the neutral application of laws), when a movement posits a theory of justice based narrowly on which groups have power and which groups don’t, Jews – due to their relative success – will inevitably be branded as powerful and deemed, at least, complicit in injustice within this paradigm.

I will illustrate how ‘dumbed-down’ versions of CRT in the media and in popular books (such as Ibram X Kendi’s “How to be an anti-racist”) solidify the idea of Jews as white, or even “hyper-white”, and promote the belief that racial disparities in educational, social and economic outcomes are, by definition, evidence of systemic racism – bigotry that, in their rejection of liberalism, must be combated by ‘anti-racist’ discrimination against ‘whites’ (including Jews).

For more information about the London conference, which includes a media event for the Centre’s public launch, and to order tickets, open this link.
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