Weekend long read

1) The FDD’s Richard Goldberg looks at ‘How the BDS campaign infiltrated ESG’.

“Most people think of ESG as a form of climate change activism that turned into an investment ratings system that rewards “green” companies and punishes carbon emitters. But some ESG research firms now rate companies based on respect for human rights, labor practices, business ethics, product quality, health and safety, and data privacy, in addition to environmental standards. […]

Enter the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) campaign targeting Israel. Anti-Israel activists know if they can infiltrate ESG ratings, they can potentially induce an unprecedented level of divestment from Israel-connected companies. And unlike past high-profile incidents, like the ones involving Airbnb and Ben & Jerry’s, where companies retreated from anti-Israel boycotts in the face of public backlash, this kind of BDS would take place behind closed doors with most people unaware.”

2) At the JCPA, Professor Anne Bayefsky documents ‘Lies and Unapologetic Antisemitism from the UN “Commission of Inquiry”’.

“Antisemitism at the United Nations may be as ubiquitous as the UN’s dead silence on human rights violations around the world, but rarely has it been as brazen and transparent as on October 27, 2022. A presentation of a report to the General Assembly of a unique UN Commission of Inquiry on Israel, followed by a press conference with the three inquisitors at UN Headquarters in New York, was nasty, brutish and long-winded. Responding to the evidence-based charges of antisemitism tainting the inquiry and its members, Chair Navi Pillay wailed: “They’re all false and lies.” A response to her lies is essential to recognizing the real dangers of this exceptional UN attack on Israel and the Jewish people.”

3) MEMRI reports on glorification of terrorism at a Palestinian Authority high school in Hebron.

“The Al-Zahariya high school in Hebron routinely incorporates in its daily activities and materials content that glorifies terrorists and terrorist attacks. In the recent months the school commemorated several terrorists in ceremonies and sports activities and by alluding to them in various study materials. […]

For example, several days ago the school took pride in a tenth-grade physics exam in which one of the questions alluded to terrorist ‘Uday Al-Tamimi. The physics teacher who composed the exam, Khalil Abu Sharkh, displayed the exam question on his Facebook page with the caption ” Physics Scented with the Blood of the Martyrs.” His post was shared on the Facebook accounts of the school, of its principal Ghaseb Al-Shab’an, and of other teachers.”

4) WINEP discusses how ‘Events 80 Years Ago Made the Modern Middle East’, including a webinar.

“The second critical event to occur in this pivotal week eighty years ago was Monday, November 9, when Germany responded to Torch by invading Tunisia. Few today recall the six-month period after Torch when the most hotly contested territory in the European theater of war was not in Europe at all but in Tunisia, where Hitler deployed hundreds of thousands of troops ordered to hold the North African beachhead at all costs.

Fewer still recall Tunisia as the only Arab country to suffer a full-scale German occupation during the war. This included the dispatch of SS units, under the ruthless Walter Rauff, who applied his experience with mobile death gas vans used to kill Jews in Europe to implement round-ups, hostage-taking, concentration camps, deportations and executions of Jews in Tunisia.”

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